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About Liklukt:

left: Cigar, right: Tapir

Liklukt started out In 1994 as a two man project, consisting of Tapir on drums and Cigar on guitar and yelling. The first demo was all improvised material, with just drums and vocals. Needless to say it was horrible beyond belief. This went on for a while, before Tosk entered the picture, taking over the vocal duties. Another demo was recorded, still consisting of improvised material. The quality of everything was still subpar, and this didn't change until an old borrowed four track recording device mercifully put an end to the free form metal extravaganza. On this glorious machine the first "real" Liklukt demo was recorded, with songs mainly ripping off other bands like Cannibal Corpse, Hexx, Sepultura etc. This demo is now lost, which is a great relief for the band. After this another demo was soon in the pipeline, going slightly back to the free form experimental approach, which turned out to be a fantastically bad idea. In a stroke of disgust, the recordings were stopped before too much damage had been done. This demo is also lost, which is yet another great relief for the band.

Having gotten rid of the experimental urges, there was a period of decent productivity. A six track recording device was procured, and a nameless demo was recorded, which was to be the last one featuring Tosk on vocals. This demo was never released in any way, as it was not exactly of ace quality (as usual). This demo is unfortunately not lost, but it's doubtful it will ever see the light of day. After archiving this demo with their heads hanging in shame, Geir Love was introduced on the bass, a thing which had been sadly lacking so far. For some reason he never recorded anything with the band, but was involved in rehearsing and making songs which was to become yet another demo, which for some reason was titled Play My Ejaculele. This demo featured eight real songs, with the most powerless and thin sound ever put to tape, despite having bass for the first time in Liklukt history. At this point Tosk had left, so Tapir took over the vocal duties. Some of the songs from Play My Ejaculele were actually re-recorded with new lyrics later on, to be featured on other demos. PME was actually home printed and given away to interested parties, which were very few. The band doesn't talk about this demo anymore.

With Geir Love gone, Liklukt was yet again the original two-piece, with Cigar on all guitars and bass, and Tapir on drums and vocals, which is the line-up which still remains today. In a sudden burst of inspiration, a new demo was recorded on the old six track device, which was to be the infamous first edition of the Sons of Svalbard demo. The sound of this recording was so bad that Tapir in desperation upgraded to completely new recording gear, and the whole thing was recorded again, this time with somewhat acceptable sound. High on the marginal success of SOS, the band followed up with the result of Cigar's unnatural fascination of submarines, the Trapped on the Seabed demo. This was a step in the right direction again, and the sea theme followed the band on to the next demo, Into the Deep. All these three demos were printed in 100 copies and given away for free to interested parties. Then came a period of very low productivity, mostly due to logistic challenges.

After Cigar moved to Trondheim, things got a bit easier, and a new rehearsal space was rented. This location, which was to be called MN Satshaug Studios, was also used for recording new material. The megalomania reached new heights, and a full length was recorded and then released through Funeral Industries. The album was a concept album about the mining accidents in Kings Bay of Svalbard back in the 60's, and the subsequent demise of the Gerhardsen government. The album, called "Bay of Kings", was released in july 2013. The album was masterfully mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö. A follow-up is already in writing, and will hopefully come out in less than six years.

Last updated: July, 2013