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Debut full-length "Bay of Kings" OUT NOW!

Updates are not just thrown around on here, as we don't think anyone frequents this place very often, and we only say things when there is something to be said. That being said, we got some really big news this time; the album is out! The new Liklukt full length "Bay of Kings" is available from the label at this location:

As probably some of you know, it's a concept album about the mining accidents in Kings Bay of Svalbard back in the 60's, and the subsequent demise of the Gerhardsen government. We know, the world have been waiting for someone to cover this topic, and now someone have. A teaser with samples of all the tracks can be viewed here:



So you thought we were gone, eh? Dream on. You'd may think all we've been doing is swimming in a sea of unproductivity, and you'd indeed be by some measure correct. We have been constantly working with Liklukt related things, just very inefficiently.

Anyway, here it is, the new website. The old one had been neglected for too long, and this one will probably be no different. Design is by Ogino Design, with tentacle artwork by Juha Jokilehto. Mediocre death metal have never looked so good.

As for new Liklukt music, we are recording a full length as we speak. That is, we are re-recording some old material which will benefit from a better production, as well as some new tracks. Once again we are shooting for a christmas release, but will probably miss that as usual. This time it might be released sooner rather than later, but don't set your alarm clocks just yet. Just know that it is in the works.

The reason for the lack of updates to the old site was due to it being too much of a hassle to work with. Combine that with the fact that it was written in Norwegian, which meant that maybe two people read what was posted (including me and Cigar), and it seemed like a lot of time down the drain. Combine this with the fact that we suddenly got a new band forum at, and the old site got a bit redundant. Well, no more. Websites are old school and awesome, and there is simply no excuse for not having one. This one has been made after the Liklukt code of efficiency, which basically means it has taken ages to complete, for various reasons. That's the way we like it.

Alright, then. The three last demos are still downloadable for free in the "releases" section. Stop by and watch the paint dry. Stay focused, and look out for more Liklukt music coming your way some time in the (hopefully) near future.